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Author Topic: Die Gier der Parasiten  (Read 789 times)


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Die Gier der Parasiten
« on: April 17, 2012, 04:53:43 PM »

Die Parasiten haben Blut geleckt. Und sie haben gut davon gelebt.

Doch je mehr die Opfer ihnen auf die Schliche kommen, desto mehr wehren sich. Folge: Die Parasiten beweinen ihre schwindenden Pründe. Andy Lewis hat das anhand von Beispielen gezeigt. Hier ein Ausschnitt:

Fighting for the Woo Pound in Your Pocket
December 2, 2007
 By Le Canard Noir

Dr. Manish Bhatia of Hpathy.com has issued a new email newsletter entitled "The Fight Back for Homeopathy". Apparently, there are a lot of anti-homeopathy bloggers and newspaper articles around at the moment. Get away? The impact of this, says Dr B, is devastating with homeopathy bleeding to death. Dr B is marshaling the troops for a come-back.

He quotes from emails sent to him to document the terrible effect of the bloggers and evil allopathic doctors:

“My practice has come down to a level where I started 9 years ago..”

“I have been in practice for 12 years and over the last few years have seen such a decline I am forced to look for other employment and I don’t want to give up that easily.”

“I am a homeopath in full time practice and manage (just) to make a living but this year the enquiries from new patients has gone down about 75%.”

“I am a practicing homeopath who is limping along and have seen a demise in my practice. I have come to the point where I am considering giving up as I cannot support myself or homeopathy as I have done for the past 12 years”

“I’m one of those homeopaths who can no longer make a living out of homeopathy.”

“I have a close friend who is a doctor at the RLHH [Royal London Homeopathic Hospital] – she says the situation there is dire and clinics have closed and private practice is down to a minimum – 1 or 2 a week!”

“I was already well established, so I am still in practice, but at the level where any further downturn in income will finish me off.”

“..in Belgium the existing schools have practically no students anymore.”

“My school in Finland is closing because of lack of students.”

Now, I for one do not know if our blogging is responsible for destituting homeopaths (and its Christmas, how heartless!) All industries have their winners and their losers. These quotes could just be coming from a fairly unrepresentative selection of losers at the moment. But will all things homeopathic, Dr B has no real evidence that money coming into homeopaths’ pockets is in decline, apart from some anecdotes.

However, it could well be that the popularity of homeopathy is on the wane. But this would have to be in the context of the fact that there is undoubtedly a big public interest in alternative medicine on the high street at the moment. Your non-medically qualified homeopath could just be facing stiffer competition for your disposable woo wonga. We all must have noticed the greater preponderance of herbalists on the high street. Maybe these slicker and better marketed products are better at getting hold of the gullible quack money looking for a home?

There may well be truth in this as I think, at least from a personal anecdotal point of view, that most people cannot differentiate between herbal medicine and homeopathy. Both are ‘natural’ alternatives to real medicine. I think many people believe that homeopathy is just a type of herbalism and so may well be spending their cash with a slick high street chain. If I was a homeopath, I would be looking into setting up a string of well branded franchises and doing a better job of selling my snake-oil. Homeopaths-R-Us. Homeobase. British Homeo Stores. Buy 6C get 30C free. Free pills for kids. OAP Wednesdays. Go Large (LM) for 30p. Do you want lies with that? You get the picture.

I would have to agree with Dr B on one thing though. That homeopaths should be telling the world about themselves. I think the greatest threat to homeopathy is that people actually find out what it is. When people realise that homeopathy is based on nonsensical and magical thinking, the powers that be, in hospitals and universities and government, may well be less inclined to say they support it. When your average person realises that homeopaths try to treat AIDS, autism and malaria with sugar pills, they will not get such tolerance.

Let’s show the world what homeopath is and how homeopaths behave! At last I have common purpose with Dr B and homeopaths.

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Homöopathie ist reiner Parasitismus.

Homöopathie ist tödlich.

Homöopathie gehört unter schärfste Strafen gestellt.


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